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Discover how Living Clean & Eating Colorfully can help you naturally increase your energy, improve your health & even help you lose weight!

Step 2: The Clean & Colorful 28-Day Program

The Clean & Colorful 28-Day Program shows you exactly what you need to do each day to successfully live a Clean & Colorful Lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ve made the decision to eat better, but you are struggling to know where to start?

Materials & Resources to help you master the 4 Universal Diet Truths:

Your Clean & Colorful 28-Day Program comes with instant access to:

  • 28-Day Clean & Colorful Meal Plan

  • 140+ Clean & Colorful Recipes

  • 28-Day Workout Plan with Videos

  • Weekly Shopping & Pantry Lists

Buy Now: Instant Access to All Materials$100 + Value for one $29 Investment

Remember, if for any reason you don't feel better after you finish my program, I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked. Truly, your satisfaction is my guarantee, or your money back.

Here’s what others are saying about the Clean & Colorful Solution.

"This program really saved me. I was gaining and I was just so bored of the same old things I eat! I'm excited I can eat "like a normal person" and stay thin and fit. The recipes are soooo good!! My husband even likes them and my daughter and they are sooo picky you can't even imagine! It's set up great and easy for me to make!!! These are truly awesome!"

-Dawn S, VA

"Loved the Clean and Colorful Challenge! In the past I could stick with fitness goals but never nutrition goals, this program helped me stick to both and I finally saw some results!"

-Melissa C, CA

"Loved, loved, loved this challenge. I feel so much better than I did 4 weeks ago. While I was not perfect, each meal and each day was a new chance to do better. Extra bonus: I lost weight! Thanks Teresa for putting this together."

-Mary Jane M, OH

"This is my fourth challenge with Teresa, the reason I keep coming back for more is I continue to make progress towards my health and fitness goals. I get the opportunity to be among amazing woman who motivate me more than words. And it is really awesome to have a coach who is real and understands that life doesn't stop when your trying to eat healthy and exercise more."

-Sandy T, PA

“I like how this schedule keeps me on task and motivated because I know not only what to do, but also why I am doing it. Sharing a common experience with a group of people who also want to live better lives is an invaluable resource as we all learn, grow, succeed, stumble, and rebound together. This program is for real people who want to live better, healthier lives not for a moment, but for good."

-- Eileen E, OH

“This program is seriously changing the way I eat. I think I eat pretty healthy most of the time but two weeks ago, this bowl would have been just leftover roast beef and frozen shredded potatoes. This week, the potatoes are cooked with mushrooms and that bag of frozen green beans steamed on the side (that I wouldn't have thought to add if not for their green color) were so good mixed in!"

-- Betsy W, WI

“...I must say I have not felt this energized in a long time! I feel amazing ... full of energy and in a great mood! The food I have had for the last 5 days has been tasty and so filling, not to mention tasty!!!"

-- Heidi M, OH

“I love this program! I look at food differently, I shop differently. Now when I'm at the store I pick up fruits n veggies and think to myself 'what can I make with this.' Or 'what can I add this to?' Before it was almost painful to plan and buy for meals. I feel better, and my hubby says I'm not as grumpy! Lol!"

-- Jackie O, CA

Registration for the coaching course will open this Spring and we're talking about the Clean & Colorful Family! Click the button below to secure your spot on the waitlist for VIP details and early bird registration discounts. I look forward to helping you live a Clean & Colorful life!

Step 3: Join a Small Group Coaching Challenge!Next session starts in March. Join the VIP waitlist now!

Curios about what's involved in the Small Group Coaching Programs? Check out the Course Description! 

Remember, if for any reason you don't feel better after you finish my program, I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked. Truly, your satisfaction is my guarantee, or your money back.

Get ready to start living Clean & Colorful!