Mindset, Skill & Lifestyle Coaching to Kick "Dieting" to the Curb!

The Problem: There comes a time when enough is enough!

"It does not matter how any times you have lost weight in the past, the problem still remains. Losing weight is easy, but keeping it off is where we struggle. My 12-Week Break the Diet Cycle course will help you develop the mindset, skill and lifestyle to live a happy life in a body you love. It's not that hard, we'll have fun doing it and trust me, it's worth it!"

The Solution: 12-Week Break the Diet Cycle Coaching

This course is a game changer...

We'll go beyond your standard "perfect plan," which you already know works -- if you could just stick to it! We'll deconstruct it to understand the parts that need to change. By addressing current mindset and developing new skills, you'll create your "real life plan" that can last a lifetime.

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Course starts Monday July 4th

This course is led by Teresa Marie, a nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer with a lifelong passion and 20+ years of experience helping people make smarter decisions and has empowered thousands to take control of their bodies and improve their lives.

Learn more about Teresa's experience and healthy lifestyle philosophy. 

I am so grateful to have discovered Teresa Marie's 'Break The Diet Cycle' program.  Her program truly held the key to unlocking the many closed minded doors I didn't realize I had to open to change for the better.  I haven't felt this good about myself in such a long time.

--Carol B.

Is the Break the Diet Cycle Coaching Right for you?

If you've "been there - done that" then this is the right course for you. Through 15 years of experience in big box, corporate weight loss and now three years as an independent weight loss coach, I've learned that there are two types of "dieters"...

  • Type 1: Just wants to get weight off now. Will worry about how to keep it off later. Will do just about anything to see the weight come off including going hungry, skipping parties and eliminating favorite foods.
  • Type 2: Has already been a Type 1 Dieter and has realized it's time for something different. Something reasonable. Something sustainable. And knows that it's about a lot more than the food you're putting in your mouth. This gal is ready for a lifestyle solution.

I love both types and I have solutions for everybody looking to lose weight. But this course is designed to help Type 2, the advanced dieter, learn to never "diet" again.

"Teresa is awesome, very intelligent and motivational. She is a friend, coach, cheerleader, teacher. She has a love of learning and a desire to impart this knowledge to help others. I definitely felt she cared about me and my journey. I wish I could just put her in my pocket and take her with me. I loved working with her and am sad our program has come to an end!"

- Heidi P.

How is the Break the Diet Cycle Coaching going to work? 

This is a virtual, privatly coached program. Through various digital media, Teresa will deliver 12 courses to help you uncover the missing links and connect the dots in a way you haven't been able to in the past.

"10 years ago I found myself overweight. I bounced around from diet to diet before I finally realized what worked for me. I've been helping others do that for themselves ever since."

Course Curriculum Preview...

Part 1:  Food Mindset, Skill and Lifestyle

  • Intention

    We’ll get started with your head in the right space.

  • Clean the Slate

    Week 1 starts with a basic and colorful clean eating detox.

  • Food Triggers

    What habits or triggers knock you off your path to success?

  • Meal Prep

    Learn to make meal prep a simple part of your real life.

Part 2:  Fitness Mindset, Skill and Lifestyle

  • Find Your Fitness

    Discover why your fitness plan has failed you in the past.

  • Fuel Your Fitness

    Connecting food to performance will bring a new perspective.

  • Your Inner Athlete

    Unleash what makes your inner athlete tick and shine!

  • Staying the Course

    Understand your fitness patterns and how to remain consistent.

Part 3:  Putting it all together and creating your "real life" plan

  • Sleep

    Quality sleep is proving to be a much bigger deal than we ever imagined.

  • Stress

    Know it or not, life is stressful and it’s impacting your health.

  • Mishaps

    Are a part of your path to failure or success. Learn to take action.

  • Habits

    Meet your needs through new healthy, sustainable patterns and habits.

In the end:   You walk away with a deeper level of understanding of your past failure and future success. You'll have established a healthy foundation of satisfying food and enjoyable fitness and created the lifestyle keep them going. It takes a little work, but what could be more valuable than a lifetime of never "dieting" again?

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"Teresa has been a big part of my success and has helped me lose 28% body weight loss (a crazy 67lbs) and multi-layered transformation! Thank you for ALL your wonderful work!!!   I have so much gratitude for this whole journey - I feel like myself again only better and stronger.

- Cheryl C.

How is the Break the Diet Cycle Coaching delivered? 

You'll have coaching, reminders, support, recipes, instructions, information, motivation -- all of it, delivered to you in the comfort and convenience of your own home for you to work through based on your schedule.

  • Coaching Sessions

    Coaching sessions are delivered every Wednesday morning and you have 24/7 access so you’re always in the loop!

  • E-mails & Worksheets

    Follow up and reminders are delivered via email and worksheets for each lesson help you customize your “real life” plan.

  • Personalized Support

    Teresa is with you every step of the way with encouraging insight, thought provoking questions and follows your progress as you go.

You'll also have 12-month access to my Simple Secrets  membership program with at least 15 more lessons for you to continue to learn well after this program has ended.

I am so excited about this course. It's nearly 20 years in the making and a collection of all my best tools. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you discover your brilliance!

If you are on the fence, as I was before I started, I promise you will lose weight and gain power over your health and be forever better for having taken this course. All the best to the lucky ones who find Teresa Marie Howes' programs!  Thank you Teresa!  

--Carol B.

Registration Details:

Invest in yourself! 

  • Registration will open late June.
  • Those on the wait list are elegible for early bird registration discounts.
  • Spaces are limited, join the wait list to your spot this Summer!
  • Installment options are available, just send Teresa an email!

Get Ready to Shine!

With my support, you are your safest bet. You'll earn dividends on this program for the rest of your life. Do not miss a chance to be a part of this amazing group!

A Safe Investment!

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