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The Fat Furnace!

Designed to Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine!

The PROBLEM:  Most diets don't work!

Whether they are too restrictive, not realistic or fundamentally flawed, traditional diets don't work. You've sacrificed too much for meager results. The old adage "calories in calories out" simply won't cut it anymore and you deserve better results. In short, conventional dieting has failed us.

The SOLUTION: The 8-Week Fat Furnace Program

This program is a game changer...

We're going beyond "diet and exercise" to get to the bottom of why you haven't been able to lose weight. You'll learn the four components of healthy fat loss: fuel, exercise, sleep and stress. This complete approach creates real results.

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This course is led by Teresa Marie, a nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer with a lifelong passion and 20+ years of experience helping people make smarter decisions and has empowered thousands to take control of their bodies and improve their lives.

Learn more about Teresa's experience and healthy lifestyle philosophy. 

Is the Fat Furnace Right for you?

If conventional dieting has failed you, this is the right weight loss program for you. This isn't about restriction or deprivation, pain or agony. This is about learning to fuel and care for your body so that you lose fat for good. But you must be ready for it...

  • #1: You are looking to lose weight, have tried other gimmicky diets in the past and are finally ready for a sustainable and realistic solution.
  • #2: You’re fired up and ready to do things differently. You understand that to get a different result, it’s time to do things differently and you’re committed to making change and seeing results.
  • #3: You’re open minded and ready to explore “dieting” beyond it’s conventional means and dive into how your body works as a whole, not independent parts.
  • #4: You’re in a good position to make your health, happiness, and weight loss a priority for the next 8 weeks. It’s not necessarily lifestyle overhaul, but it does require attention, dedication, focus and most importantly – change.

Change is hard and requires commitment. If now isn't the right time, that's ok! We have forever to build you a body you love. But remember, there is never a perfect time to start a "diet." But it is always the perfect time to start living healthier. That is what the Fat Furnace helps you do!

What results will you get from the Fat Furance? 

This is a weight loss program. By mastering the 4 components of healthy fat loss and the 7 lifestyle habits that support it, you should expect to see the scale drop, not rapidly, but consistently and permanently. About 1-2 pounds per week.* But check this out...

That's MY butt after just 10 days following the Fat Furnace to a tee! After I took these pictures during development, I knew I was onto something...

*Keep in mind this is not a rapid weight loss program. It is designed to support a healthy rate of weight loss although, you’ll likely experience a larger drop your first two weeks on the program. These results will vary per person and be based on your adherence to the principles, activity level, age, gender, and other basic biometric factors. 

How is the Fat Furnace Program work? 

This is a virtual program with program materials and coaching available. Through six digital guides and other digital media, you will be exposed to the four fundaments of healthy fat loss and taught how to master the seven lifestyle strategies for healthy fat loss.

"10 years ago I found myself overweight. I bounced around from diet to diet before I finally realized what worked for me. I've been helping others do that for themselves ever since."

Program Material Preview...

As soon as you register, you'll have instant access to six digital guides to help you understand the seven lifestyle strategies to healthy fat loss.

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Course Curriculum Preview...

Because real change can be harder than downloading a few guides, these 8 custom coaching courses are designed to help you dig in and find success.

Module 1: Fuel

  • Meal Plan

    Exactly what and how much to eat.

  • Discipline

    The skill to finding long term success.

Module 3: Stress

  • Impact

    Stress could be your barrier to weight loss.

  • Attitude

    Discover how much control you have.

Module 2: Exercise

  • HIIT Training

    The most efficient exercise for real fat loss.

  • Mindset

    Become an unstoppable fat burning machine.

Module 4: Sleep

  • Current

    What’s going on while you’re turned off.

  • Quality

    Let’s create your perfect sleep sanctuary.

In the end:   You walk away with a deep understanding to what your body needs to successfully lose weight. You'll develop the lifestyle strategy to see results and you'll be cultivating a lifestyle that can last a lifetime.

How is the Fat Furnace Program delivered? 

You'll have coaching, reminders, support, recipes, instructions, information, community, motivation -- all of it, delivered to you in the comfort and convenience of your own home for you to work through based on your schedule.

  • Video Coaching

    Lessons are delivered via a video presentation where Teresa walks you through the full session in detail.

  • Worksheets

    Each coaching session comes with a worksheet to help you sink the lesson and customize your “real life” plan.

  • E-mail

    With coaching, you’ll receive three emails per week from Teresa to help hold you accountable and stay on track.

  • Guides

    Six pdf guides for you to reference at any time for a deeper understanding of fat loss.

You'll also have 12-month access to my Simple Secrets  membership program with at least 15 more lessons for you to continue to learn well after this program has ended.

I am so excited about this course. It's nearly 20 years in the making and a collection of all my best tools. I look forward to working with you and helping you discover your brilliance!

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Money Back Guarentee

If you do the program and you find that it does not work for you, then I’ll refund your money. I want you to feel very safe, comfortable and confident about this decisions.