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Clean & Colorful Living with Teresa Marie

You know how Living Clean  & Eating Colorfully  makes you feel amazing.

Now, are you ready for the Step 2?

You have the basics to get started living Clean & Colorful - now, let's take this up a notch and get you the best tools so you can uncover your lightest, brightest and most vibrant self yet! 

It's time for the Clean & Colorful  Implementer Kit  to make incorporating these 4 Universal Diet Truths even easier...

  • Eat Less Processed Food

  • Eat All 5 Colors Everyday

  • Have a Juice or Smoothie

  • Exercise >21 Minutes 6 Days

You'll have instant access to 4 valuable tools that will give you 38 days of guided support so you can...

  • Develop habits that will help you live happier and healthier with less stress and more joy.
  • Easily prepare meals with more vibrant color every-single day that your family will love.
  • Detox your body for 30-days to heighten your senses with raw juices, smoothies and soups.
  • Challenge your body with quick, heart pumping, fat burning workouts.
A $60+ Value bundled together to save you 50%!
Get the Implementer Kit NOW

What exactly do you get with the Clean & Colorful   Implementer Kit?

  • 7-Day Reset Challenge

    Daily coaching to help you build healthier habits

  • Color Yourself Skinny

    1 Week Version full of 70 days of Colorful Recipes!

  • 3-Day Detox Program

    Complete with instructions, recipes, and coaching!

  • 21-Day Fitness Challenge

    Three weeks of challenging, excuse-free workouts!

That's over $60 worth of my most favorite tools to help you really dig into living Clean & Colorful!
Get the Implementer Kit NOW

A little bit more about these awesome Clean & Colorful tools...

  • 1

    7-Day Reset Challenge - $7 Retail Value

    Coaching challenge with daily videos to help you incorporate the 10 healthiest lifestyle habits! From eating more color to drinking more water, thinking positively to smiling more. This video coaching series helps you experience just how simple Healthy & Happy can be!

  • 2

    Color Yourself Skinny 1 Week - $14 Retail Value

    This 70-page digital guide has over 40 recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, juices, smoothies and even cocktails! It comes with sample daily meal plans and all recipes are organized by color. It teaching you how simple (and delicious!) eating by color can be.

  • 3

    3-Day Detox Program - $19 Retal Value

    My best selling program by far! This 3-day program comes with instructions, recipes for juices, smoothies and soups so you stay well nourished and satisfied as you detox your diet and reset your system. You'll also get daily coaching emails once you start your detox. Get ready to feel new energy, improved senses and expect to drop a few pounds too!

  • 4

    21-Day Fitness Challenge - $21 Retal Value

    This program contains 6 different excuse free and barrier free workouts. Each workout is only 21-minutes long and targeted for different areas of your body. They are simple, but by no means easy. This program comes with a tracker and quick video demonstrations so you know how to modify the moves for your correct level of intensity.

You can buy all of these items individually. Or, you can buy the entire kit and save 52%!
Get the Implementer Kit NOW

More energy, better health and a body you love living in are waiting for you! What are you waiting for? 

Get ready to start living Clean & Colorful !

Your Investment is 100% Safe with Me

Let’s say you invest in the Clean & Colorful Implementer Kit today. And for whatever reason, you don’t love any of the recipes, find joy in the workouts, learn new habits from the challenge or have a crappy detox experience, I really will give you your money back. All I ask is that you reach out within 30 days and delete the files. This is another promise I stand by!