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What you can expect to learn:

  • Sugar's Role

    Love it or hate it, our bodies’ prefer it. We’ll talk about it’s essential role in your diet and basic body function. 

  • Sugar is Problem

    Overconsumption of sugar is responsible for many of today’s leading causes of illness. 

  • Natural Sugar

    What are the best natural sweeteners and are they really healthier or better for you? 

  • Zero Calorie Sweeteners

    Natural or artificial, which are “the best” and are they better for you? 

  • Hidden Sugar

    You’d be amazed at what is legal in terms of labeling. Learn to identify and take control of your consumption. 

  • Your Next Steps

    Tools and resources to create a real Clean & Colorful life…that lasts! 

Mark Your Calendar:

Thursday January 19th at 11am PST