Beginner Juice Guide

Step 1:  Watch the Beginner Juice Guide Video Series

Step 2:  Dust off or get your juicer

Just because it’s a big piece of equipment, does not mean it needs to be that expensive. You can get a really decent juicer for under $100 and even a basic entry level on for under $50. If you consider that purchasing a fresh green juice can cost you $6-9 and about $3 to make, you can see how easily the savings add up and the machine pays for itself in a matter of weeks. Don’t know where to start? Perhaps I can help…

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Step 3:  Get some yummy recipes

You’d be amazed at how yummy you can make your juices — you’d also be amazed at what you can put in your juicer! Sweet potatoes? Jalepenos? Cilantro? Beets? Broccoli stalks? Now, maybe not all in the same juice, but you would be surprised at what comes out. The juicer will rip through any tough vegetable so get creative! You can get 19 delicious and colorful recipes for juices or smoothies as a part of the Clean & Colorful Implementor Kit.  You can also use the below is a link to all the great juice and smoothie recipes already featured on my blog.

Get Free Recipes ==> Teresa Marie’s Juice & Smoothie Recipes

Get ready to feel the amazing benefits of pure plant power!

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