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Weight Loss Coaching That Works

If weight loss was easy, we'd all be Skinny. I agree, it's hard. But by no means impossible!

Let Teresa Marie's coaching program be your final solution.

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Your Simple Secrets Membership Program is designed to help you find better health and more happiness by developing better habits. If weight loss is a specific goal of yours, you'll want to add this Weight Loss Coaching Program to your membership so that you can get the MOST out of every single lesson PLUS access to reduced calorie menu plans!

"I know you feel. I've been there. When you look in the mirror and you just don't like who you see looking back at you. Let me start by telling you, you're beautiful. If the outside does not match the inside right now, trust me -- I can help!"

"Teresa has been a big part of my success by helping me get through these past several months and helping me lose 67lbs. It has been a multi-layered transformation! I have so much gratitude for this whole journey and all her wonderful work!!! I feel like myself again only better and stronger!

                                  -- Cheryl C.

What you get when you add Weight Loss to your Membership...

This plan is carefully designed to provide you with the support, motivation and information you to lose weight with a fun, friendly and real approach.

  • Audio Coaching Series

    10 Sessions that take you from start to finish and beyond. Designed to help you navigate your Simple Secrets membership for weight loss.

  • Weight Loss Manual

    Full of lessons, worksheets, and exercises to help you develop the lifestyle and mindset that gets results today and lasts forever.

  • Plateau Buster Kit

    The road to success is not without its bumps. This kit includes 10 proven strategies to reboot your body and re-rev your weight loss engine.

  • Weight Loss Menu Plans

    Access to a new 1250 or 1500 calorie RD approved menu plan each month to help you define your right diet and lose weight safely.

$500 Value

$29 Value

$29 Value

$130 Value

"I priced this plan so fairly simply because I believe in it and I really want it to help more people get the most of their Simple Secrets membership and finally lose the weight they have been struggling with for so long."

These items sold separately would cost you nearly $700...

Purchase the whole bundle today for just $49!!

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What makes Teresa Marie's Weight Loss Coaching different?

Through both personal and professional experience over the past 15+ years, Teresa has unique insight into the struggles that each one of us battles. While every journey is different, many obstacles are similar. She's designed her coaching plan to address the most frustrating aspects of weight loss.

"I've been on both sides of the scale and I've seen, heard and learned a lot in my 15+ years of experience. I've helped thousands overcome barriers to weight loss and bust plateaus. I have no doubt I can help you too!"

No Risk Guarantee! 

If you listen to the series and don't learn a thing, simply send me a note and I'll give you 100% of your money back!

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